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Police Station Fees

We do not charge for representation at the police station whether this is a voluntary interview or interview following arrest. Regardless of your financial circumstances our fees will be covered through the legal aid provisions. If you would like to arrange representation for your interview, please call us on 01344 300193. Our phones are answered 24 hours a day.

Legal Aid

If you are charged or summonsed for an offence and wish to apply for legal aid then we will need to submit an application on your behalf. The application will be considered by the Legal Aid Agency who apply a two stage test:

  1. Does your case meet the interests of justice; and
  2. Are you financially eligible

Depending on the nature of the case legal aid can be granted, refused, or you may be asked to make a contribution towards the costs. The process can seem daunting which is why we will complete all the paperwork on your behalf.

Please call 01344 300193 to ensure that legal aid is applied for prior to your court appearance.

Private Clients

We understand that many clients do not qualify for legal aid and choose to instruct Walker Law Ltd on a private basis. At Walker Law Ltd we will be as flexible as possible and can arrange fees in two ways:

  1. Hourly rate – In such cases, we will be able to provide you with a clear tailored fee structure at the start of your case. This will include an estimate of the likely overall costs, including any expenses which we anticipate incurring (for example, barrister’s or expert’s fees). We will also provide regular updates of our charges as the case progresses.
  2. Fixed fee – Many clients prefer the certainty of agreeing fixed fees at the outset of a case and in most cases this can be agreed.

Please call 01344 300193 to discuss the funding arrangements for your case.

Our phone lines are answered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If your query is less urgent you can complete the online enquiry form or email us. We will always respond swiftly.

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