Jeremy Colenso


Jeremy is a practising English and South African solicitor who has acted for corporate clients, government agencies and individuals in the most complex and serious cases. As a result of his work in this field, Jeremy is an experienced fraud investigator, with particular expertise at looking into civil claims, regulatory misconduct, internal fraud, allegations of bribery and Ponzi schemes (among others).

Prior to his role as a solicitor, Jeremy worked for half a decade for the Official Receiver in the UK. His role entailed the rigorous examination and investigation of all kinds of complex corporate fraud, including Inland Revenue fraud, procurement fraud, VAT ‘carousel’/‘missing trader’ fraud and ‘phoenix syndrome’. As a result of this work, Jeremy developed a deep investigative expertise across a broad range of competencies, such as the analysis of company accounts, interviewing parties, and recovering business records.

In addition to his role in the UK, Jeremy is also qualified as an Advocate of the High Court of South Africa, the local equivalent of a barrister. His practice as an Advocate has involved several High Court criminal trials.

Jeremy earned a Bachelor of Social Science from the University of Cape Town and an LL.B. from Rhodes University. Jeremy is also an accredited Duty Solicitor.

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